Elegant Recent Project

This is one of the most elegant social housing projects we recently completed in collab with EDGE Building and Construction. For your residential, offices, commercial establishments, condominiums or even hotels #FITOUT WORKS just contact us: 0995-657-5523Email add: jtvaleroelectrical FB @luminaelectricaldesign

JTValero notes: Fit out contracting in Cebu

As w all know, Cebu is the    second   largest city and the fastest growing  economy in the Philippines nowadays. The  development  of its infrastructures evidently  results   high market  demands among the  fit out  contractors  like ours.  The JTValero team is keeping in the loop   to the  emerging  buildings  and commercial offices    to ensure that  they can be of  service  among the potential clients.

As  a company who  specializes  in fit outs,  the managements aims to  enable offices  to have a more professional  and welcoming look. We  know how to  facilitate  interior installations  in constructions sites as  well as occupied corporate  settings according to client’s need.

So for you  to get the most out of a fit out service, never hesitate to contact  Engr. Jess Valero at 0995-657 5523 or email us at jtvaleroelectrical@gmail.com. You may also  visit and like our FB  Page at JTValero Electrical Services.

The JTValero Electrical  Services  has been serving  clients from Danao City,  Liloan, Consolacion, Mandaue City and  Lapu-lapu City.

A Step from Zero to One belongs to God

_A3 Size_Overall ServicesWhen I started the JTValero Electrical Services no one told me on how to do it. I just took the first step, seriously. I hustled because I observed that there were a lot of clients that need a trusted electrical contractor.
I spotted the demand.
I took the opportunity.
Do you know what’s the first step?
I trusted God while believing in myself.I trusted my capability. My family and relatives supported me and the rest is history.
Three years has passed my business is still providing its services. Three more years and counting.Now, I am still learning, I need to dig in order to know the right facts not only for myself but primarily for my clients.

How to Estimate Generator Price – Without Asking the Supplier

In this video you will learn on how to estimate the generator price without asking the supplier. If you are an electrical practitioner, estimator or an electrical contractor better watch this video to learn more. I am using here the rule of thumb.

My other tutorial videos: How to Estimate Electrical Works – Condominium https://youtu.be/-XrqTUevlgk How to Estimate Electrical Works – Residential https://youtu.be/h0UYNcy3EOQ

5 Easy Steps on How to Compute your Electricity Bill https://youtu.be/mSRfRQRnAEg

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How to Estimate Electrical Works for Condominium

In this video you will know how to estimate electrical works for a condominium using the Rough Estimate by area and Rough Estimate by points. You can also like my facebook page @luminaelectricaldesigns, contact number Engr. Jess 0995-657-5523 . For further questions feel free to add comments in this post. If you think this is helpful please do like and share this video. Thanks for watching and God Bless!

How to Estimate Electrical Works

Hello everyone, hello engineers. Now I will share to you a video on How to Estimate Electrical Works base on my own experience, but before that I would like to ask you a favor to like my facebook page @luminaelectricaldesign.

I am  Engr. Jess Tayner A. Valero a registered Electrical Engr, graduated from Cebu Institute of Technology University (CIT-U) batch 2005. I have been in the engineering practice since 2006 as an Electrical Design Engr.  for 11 years, mostly in Petrochemical Plant and Offshore projects.  I used to run my own contracting business for 5 years, and now for more than 2 years I am involved in warehouse electrical design, technical evaluation, bidding and freelancing in other electrical designing endeavours.

I decided to prepare this video when I read some comments  from a  certain engineering and  construction facebook page. Basically there are a lot of topics to be discussed but I chose this topic first because I believe that I can impart my ideas based on my experiences.

Usually, when you are into contracting  business,  after series of negotiations and initial talks,  in commencing the electrical estimation, you’ve got to ensure that you have the following documents.

  1. Architectural Plan Drawing
  2. Electrical Plan Drawing including Cable Schedule
  3. Electrical Specification
  4. Bill of Quantity/Material format (BOQ/BOM)
  5. Installation Detail (if available)

There are  times wherein the  client do not submit any  of the list especially for small projects, so what you’ve gotta do is to conduct site inspection.

Ok, so we will proceed to the methods of estimate. These methods are based on my   own experience. The first method is the

  • Rough Estimate (using by Area & by Points) – Now let’s have an example in my latest project this is a three storey commercial building with a roofdeck this layout came from the client we have ground floor, second floor, third floor and a roofdeck. So in a rough estimate by Area, we need to know what is the area for the ground floor, second, third and a roofdeck. I will show my template. We need the length, width and # of storey. In this example we have 12m length, 6m width and we have 4 storey then multiply that. And then for electrical per area we have Php1,000 to be used for residential or commercial establishment. If you think Php1,000 is not enough then you can change it to Php1,500. For now let’s have Php1,000 per sq.m and we have a total of Php288,000 for the labor and materials, of course additional for the 12% tax then we have an overall total of Php322,560.

So now let us proceed to the Rough Estimate by points in doing thiswe need to count the quantity of electrical device like fixtures, switches, outlet, panel board etc. In this example, for lighting we have 89, switches 35, outlet 98, and the panel 13 so multiply it by the rate per points, for lighting, switches and outlet we have Php1,200 and for the panel we have Php3,000 total it then 12% tax as additional so we have an overall total of Php342,048 and you have an electrical estimate for the labor and materials. So easy right?

Now we will proceed to our next method the

  • Best Estimate – For this method I usually do it in detail counting of all the electrical items as per design. You can make your own BOQ template as long there is a description, qty of materials, material cost and a labor cost. Now let’s go to my example in this I have a Direct Cost – that contains Panels/Sub panels, Wires and PVC Pipe, Lighting Fixtures and Exhaust Fan, Devices like outlet, switches, dimmers and accessories.

Then for the indirect Cost – I have these following items where Overhead and Supervision and the 12% tax indicated. Again you can make your own BOQ template that is comfortable to you, then lastly I have the Summary. In doing the Bill of Quantity counting of all electrical device is easy we just base on the electrical drawing but for Wires and PVC Pipe I will show you how I did it.

In here, I call this Cable Length Measurement now let’s have an example. In this Cable Length Measurement I want to measure wiring from VECO Metering going to each Panel Board. In Ground floor we have Room No. 13,1,2,3,4 to determine the X & Y length we need to go the Layout drawing. So this is X and this is Y. back to our format our X is 6 meters and our Y is 10 meters.

To determine the Z we need to go in our Riser Diagram we have Z1 from VECO Meter going to ground then Z2 from ground going to Panel board in this example our Z1 is 1.5m then our Z2 is 3m. then I added 10% spare this is for the snake factor after that you can have total length. Then line wire multiply it by 2 for 2 run we have this total, for grounding wire we have also this total. Then of course we can also get the length of PVC Pipe.

So that’s it the Cable Length Measurement from VECO Meter going to each panel. Next is the cable length measurement from the panel board to each load. With the same procedure you can now have an accurate Cable/Wire Length. Once done you can input it in your total length. Now let’s take a look in my Bill of Quantity ——–so that’s it for the Best Estimate.

Ok Engineers we will proceed to our 3rd method.

  • Worst Case Estimate –  for this method whatever is thehighest cost from Rough Estimate and Best Estimate I  will add 10% of it. I experienced to use this method of estimate in one of my clients who delayed his payments.

As you can see I have my own comparison of Estimate in these I can choose which estimate I will submit to my client. Another thing to do for this is I will investigate why is it that the cost of my Best Estimate is almost more than twice from Rough Estimate, maybe this is due to my material cost or maybe I can increase the rate per points/per area in my rough estimate.

So whatever the result of it, I can conclude that the cost of this project will not be less than Php320,000.

All the methods that I mention are only applicable for residential and commercial establishment. For Industrial establishment there are another set of method. If you are into an Industrial related projects or any projects I can also help you on that, you can contact me through this email jtvaleroelectrical@gmail.com or message me in my fb page @luminaelectricaldesign.

For further questions feel free to add comments in this post. If you think this is helpful please do like and share this video.

Thanks for watching and God Bless!

Professional Electrical Engr Services

In order to uphold the economic development of our country, PEZA was established to encourage foreign investors. This government agency succors in the registration of foreign businesses and grants them incentives during the operational phase of their business inside PEZA Special Economic Zones. These areas are only selected throughout the country.
For industries that are involved in export- oriented manufacturing and services they benefit most from PEZA’s incentives.

In this regard, Lumina Electrical Services aims to assist foreign businesses to comply all the necessary requirements set by PEZA. One of these, is the Professional Electrical Engineer who can provide consultations, investigation, valuation and management.
Please contact us for further assistance at jtvaleroelectrical@gmail.com

Save Your Business! Downgrade the Transformer Power Supply

This time of pandemic in which most non -essential commercial and industrial business sectors are suspended for operation, the monthly electric bills are still being paid even without a reasonable kW usage.

Minimum charges are still indicated in the electricity bills. In this regard, Lumina Electrical Design is encouraging the consumers engaged into business to downgrade their transformers. This will result a decrease in their electricity bill and help them in this surviving times.

Contact us for more info at 0995-657-5523, jtvaleroelectrical@gmail.com










Lighting Calculation Design Advantages

Lay out for lighting is cautiously done by accurate calculation. Lumina Electrical Design has been implementing this lighting lay outs using DIALux Software for all our Commercial and Industrial projects. . The following are the advantages:

1. Lux Requirement – We can identify how much lux requirement to be used and specify distance in between two fixtures, mounting height etc.

2. Lighting Specification – We can decide what type of lighting fixtures including the wattage and protection.

3. Energy Consumption – We can accurately estimate the Energy Consumption result . In this way, we can identify the monthly estimated billing based on the lighting design.

4. Estimated Cost – After the calculation and the final layout we can then determine how much is the estimated cost of the said project.

If you need further details, contact us and we’ll be glad to serve you.

Mobile number: 0995-657-5523

Email: jtvaleroelectrical@gmail.com








Electrical Design of 1.2MVA Load Expansion Project

In the pursuit of Lumina Electrical Designs to broaden its capability to provide accurate electrical design budget in a specific  construction project, the business  has also  been accepting clients with  an existing  electrical lay outs plans for review. The image  above  is an  initial design from  the client   that was reviewed, signed and sealed  by Lumina Electrical Designs. The client’s  project is from UNAHCO Feeds Inc. that has a 1.2MVA additional load expansion project for  its  Installation of Pelletizing Line located at City  of Naga, Cebu.

If you are  a General Contractor, collaborating with us in Electrical Engineering   Designs can help  you   reach  your desired goal in every projects.  Contact us thru our mobile no. at 0995-657-5523 or in our email jtvaleroelectrical@gmail.com

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The Big Contribution of Electrical Plan in PEZA Accreditation


A site visit in one of the largest coconut oil mills in Philippines.
Our inspection report is part of their compliance for the renewal of PEZA Accreditation. We conducted a site survey to finalize the Electrical and Electronics Drawing in reference to the comments of PEZA Auditors. If you have a company and you want us to work with you in your corrective actions after audit from various government agencies never hesitate to contact Engr. Jess at 0995-657-5523 or email us at jtvaleroelectrical@gmail.com

12IMG_20181126_141227IMG_20181126_161928IMG_20181126_165609IMG_20181126_170452IMG_20181127_071129IMG_20181127_093541IMG_20181127_094115Electrical Plan Drawing

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Handrail Welding Services

A handrail is a rail that is designed to be grasped by the hand so as to provide stability or support. Handrails are commonly used while ascending or descending stairways and escalators in order to prevent injurious falls. There are a lot of designs available, however, cheaper yet presentable designs are preferred by our clients.
If you need contractor to build a handrail, never hesitate to contact Engr. Jess now at 0995 657 5523. He has fully equipped team to meet your standards. #cebucontractor #weldingworks

Roof Repaint Services

Using a metal roofing system is deemed necessary especially for tropical countries like Philippines which most of the time has rapid temperature changes.It is a sensible way to protect our home.However,over a long period of time rust stains become evident causing roof discoloration.Spending money for replacement should never be an option that is why it’s important to make sure your roof gets proper maintenance from a professional roof repair contractor every three years or whenever you first notice a problem.

To help you make sense of the roof stains before they become a bigger problem consider to have it repainted or checked by our team.

If you need some roof repaint contractor in your house/building/warehouse better to contact us we would be happy to serve you. Call/Text Engr. Jess at 0995 657 5523.

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