Electrical Wiring Project

Being involved in an electrical endeavor is definitely not an easy job.Sometimes my experienced and learned team still do the tasks apprehensively. However, we maximize all our effort in order to provide quality services

Tenant at 5th floor by #TambagoandDiazlawfirm

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Decorative Ceiling with Fan

An on going project.

Would you like to have an attractive ceiling?
#jtvaleroelectricalservices has skilled team to do it for you.

Services Offered:
#Ceiling Installation, Ceiling Fan Installation, #Lighting Fixture Installation, #Electrical Wiring, #Painting Works and all renovation works

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Fit Out Projects of Cebu

IMG_20171206_212915I feel I’m able to serve my customer by knowing what she or he wants. One of the ways I’m able to do this is through my website, and email: people give me great ideas, tell me what they want, what they don’t want. It’s really instrumental, and helps me stay in touch with people – Kathy Ireland.

For the past  4 years since the business has started, we  only catered primarily on the electrical jobs. Most our market  comes from residential and commercial establishments with  specific electrical concerns.  Never have I thought that I would encounter fit out projects. Indeed, when you’re in a business  which offer services, your product   most often becomes dynamic. It is true  what  Kathy Ireland  has said that  service is knowing  what the client’s  wants. I felt  that  I was able to serve them through our fit out projects. The tight schedule of completion demanded  by our client  had made us apprehensive  about the task. However, my team was able to  execute  its greatest effort to meet   the  deadline.

Mandaue City, the growing  city in the North of Cebu   has become a  niche in my fit out projects.   An accounting  firm at Oakridge business center   as our  pioneered  project   opened  us up to succeeding fit  out projects until now…

Please  look at the images below  and start to think  on how JTValero Electrical Services  can maximize its full services  to you. My professional team of electricians, painters and skilled masonry  personnel look forward to work with you.