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How my team perform electrical commercial insulation resistance Megger Test?


The JTValero Electrical Services   adhere  to the standards and specifications  of the  governing  electrical engineering organizations and agencies  when performing  electrical  commercial insulation  resistance  Megger Testing. We use the  industry’s  leading  Electrical Insulation  Megger Testing Service Equipment  that is available  on the market.

The JTValeroTeam  execute  these  two  techniques:

  • visual and physical inspection of the air compressor
  • insulation testing

Currently, we are working  with AV Marine Engineering  in their  air compressor in compliance with their  renewal for International  Organization for Standardization (ISO)requirements.

If you are   engaged in processing  your ISO Requirements this year and you need  certification  of  your electrical   equipment,  just   contact us.

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The Big Contribution of Electrical Plan in PEZA Accreditation

A site visit in one of the largest coconut oil mills in Philippines.
Our inspection report is part of their compliance for the renewal of PEZA Accreditation. We conducted a site survey to finalize the Electrical and Electronics Drawing in reference to the comments of PEZA Auditors. If you have a company and you want us to work with you in your corrective actions after audit from various government agencies never hesitate to contact Engr. Jess at 0995-657-5523 or email us at

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Work and enjoy the harvest

Work is a blessing. It matters not what you do, only that you love whatever you need to do. When you accept tough work as a challenge to your ability and wade into it with joy and enthusiasm, miracles can happen. For God sells to you all things at the price of labor. The miracle of the seed and the soil is not available by affirmation, it is only available by labor. Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds. To labor incessantly and constantly is to reap when harvest comes.

This is how my Dad inadvertently supports my business knowledge development

I used to be an athlete during my elementary days. I was a player for 100-meter run and sipa takraw. My brother Francis and I would practice together. It was fun but my father wasn’t there to cheer us up. My father had worked at Aboitiz construction company and would come home once a year only. During those times, I longed to be cheered and supported by my father during the competition.
Now, he is a retiree and has a lot of free time. I asked him to join me in my construction business and he excitedly agreed. As always, I am eager to learn and to apply what he taught me based on his experiences for more than 20 years working in a construction firm. My father at my right side and together with my foreman at the center we had a meeting for our current project about manpower planning and of course the financial cost. In my lap, is our youngest adorable- techie- little girl Felumina. When she came to our lives a lot of remarkable things have happened.
The vision of my company is very clear, to build trust among our clients.

How positivity fuels my business transactions

On going projects are almost over. We are anticipating for another one.We have been praying that a certain client would contact us.Indeed, the heaven has been generous to us.

After a couple of weeks, a certain client called us informing that he’s been looking for a contractor to commence his apartment. I was excited and set a schedule right away. The meeting was at their house. When I arrived, the client was talking with another contractor. I waited for few minutes hoping that I could get the project.

They were finally done.

It’s my time to talk.

I confidently introduced myself and my contracting company.The conversation was remarkable.I was positive that I could get the project. Few days later, I got a copy of the plan and without further ado, I sent it to the client.

Lo and behold, the client confirmed that my team will execute the project. We saw ourselves confidently signing of all the contract, timeline, do’s and don’ts so on and so forth.

It was successfully kicked off.

The JTValero team started the project immediately because we wanted to meet the schedule.


We are battling with the bad weather but it never hampered us to pursue our scheduled target.  Join us here as we update our projects…




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JTValero: In using Emmedue Panel as an innovative house building system

The JTValero team will build a two-storey house with roof deck. In this project we are not using hollow blocks for the wall and upper floor but instead we’ll gonna  be using   M2 Panel Emmedue brand. This is our first time that we’ll use  this kind of materials and using this kind of panel is the new innovation nowadays. It is light, fire resistant, earthquake resistant  even cyclone resistant yet sustainable  with environmental impact. Definitely, executing this project is challenging but with the  hard work of my team and the support of our client, we’ll be able to complete this project successfully.

Here are some pictures  on how  the  JTValero team had  executed the slab work.  Our concrete mixer did not function so the team decided to do it manually. There  were  14 people who worked  together just to finish it within a night. Thanks to the team for the effort. Curing for more than a week we can start to install the M2 Panel. The challenge is there but we know we can do it.



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JTValero Renovation Works: Skin Magical Outlet

My good friends and previous office mates,  Aileen and Leslie have just kicked off retail beauty products business. We worked  together to make their  store  presentable to look at a very reasonable price.  We  successfully completed the renovation  within  10 days. We executed painting, electrical works and  a customized shelf.  JTValero team was grateful   because we have become a part in starting  the business of our client.

Contact us now, if you want to start a business and you need a contractor to renovate  your  offices  or you want to build a house/apartment.  The JTValero team will be very  grateful  to work with you in our best capacity. Please refer to the  image below for our services.


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Choose JTValero As Your General Contractor

If  you are searching  for a general contractor within  Mandaue City, Cebu City, Consolacion, Liloan and Compostela we can work together to build your house. Either you want to live , rent or  sell it,  we can assist you. If you chose us, you ‘ve already found a right partner because  we have a lot of services to offer:

Our Services

And then these are our clients of whom we successfully offered our services:


And then of course  we  make sure that  your money is in safe hands because we  have all the legal  documents.

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If you  have all the savings and eager to see the reality of your dream house,  call us now.  Engr. Jess  0995-657-5523 is ready to  meet and talk  about your plan. If you need more information like our FB page at JTValeroElectricalServices or JTValero Construction Services.

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Advantages of Grills Simple Design by JTValero

Currently, the JTValero team is occupied in constructing a 2-storey house.   As part of  of our objective   to meet  the client’s goals, the  veranda  is also installed to enhance the facade of the house. Seeing our client and his family  living comfortably and safe to their new home is our business.

There are a lot of designs and   types of materials  that can be used in installing grills. Nowadays,  simple design is more effective compared to the complicated ones. I got this ideas from my previous client who preferred using simple design. Indeed, based on my own experience its worth it.

Here are the  reasons why using simple design is  more effective:

  1. Price is Cheap – Yes, of course in welding works simple design is cheap.
  2. Can be finished earlier – Exactly, because the worker can execute the job with convenience.
  3. Easy to clean – Definitely. Due to the simplicity of the design, cleaning is as easy shooting a  fish in a barrel.
  4. Good for the eyes –  relaxing to look at.
  5. Easy to Repaint – In the future if you need to repaint  it then you can do it by yourself because it simple.

If you want us to build a house or you want us to install  grills, contact us now at 0995-657-5523 and talk with Engr. Jess. or you may send an email at You can also like our FB page at JTValeroConstructionandServices.

We can do together to make your family safe and comfortable living.

JTValero: Tiling Contractor of Cebu

Adding  tiles to the flooring  of an office or home  renovation   is a choice that definitely  works. Not only does this tile add style to any room, but its unique properties make it the right fit for many home and  office spaces.

Tiling  works  aren’t  that expensive as you’ve imagined. The JTValero  provides  a very reasonable  estimates, computation and ideas on   how much  your budget  should be.

If you need a Tiling contractor for  your office or in your house  such as in the living room, bedroom, veranda, in your kitchen or in comfort room, you can confidently contact Engr. Jess at 0995-657-65523 or 0925 4714612.

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Pan De Manila Popsicle by JTValero


I’m drooling while writing this post…

Being a partner of Pan de Manila in  all their branches here  in Cebu  has its perks. My team was able to  observe  and taste their  yummy  popsicles  made from pure  extracts of  various  fruits.  The area for making these popsicles  was renovated by my team  with happy taste buds. We executed the partition, electrical works, painting, tiles installation and other  works necessary  for  the area that give convenience to Pan de Manila staff.


If you want to taste their new product go to any Pan De Manila branches and try it.

We provide  renovation works in your new business/office and we also  build your own house as well as  commercial offices. We are here to serve you. Never hesitate to contact Engr. Jess at 0995-657-5523 or send us message in Facebook page at JTValero Electrical Services.