How positivity fuels my business transactions

On going projects are almost over. We are anticipating for another one.We have been praying that a certain client would contact us.Indeed, the heaven has been generous to us.

After a couple of weeks, a certain client called us informing that he’s been looking for a contractor to commence his apartment. I was excited and set a schedule right away. The meeting was at their house. When I arrived, the client was talking with another contractor. I waited for few minutes hoping that I could get the project.

They were finally done.

It’s my time to talk.

I confidently introduced myself and my contracting company.The conversation was remarkable.I was positive that I could get the project. Few days later, I got a copy of the plan and without further ado, I sent it to the client.

Lo and behold, the client confirmed that my team will execute the project. We saw ourselves confidently signing of all the contract, timeline, do’s and don’ts so on and so forth.

It was successfully kicked off.

The JTValero team started the project immediately because we wanted to meet the schedule.


We are battling with the bad weather but it never hampered us to pursue our scheduled target.  Join us here as we update our projects…




If you need a contractor to build your apartment or house? Contact Engr. Jess now at 0995-657-5523 or like our FB page @JTValeroConstructionandServices.



JTValero: In using Emmedue Panel as an innovative house building system

The JTValero team will build a two-storey house with roof deck. In this project we are not using hollow blocks for the wall and upper floor but instead we’ll gonna  be using   M2 Panel Emmedue brand. This is our first time that we’ll use  this kind of materials and using this kind of panel is the new innovation nowadays. It is light, fire resistant, earthquake resistant  even cyclone resistant yet sustainable  with environmental impact. Definitely, executing this project is challenging but with the  hard work of my team and the support of our client, we’ll be able to complete this project successfully.

Here are some pictures  on how  the  JTValero team had  executed the slab work.  Our concrete mixer did not function so the team decided to do it manually. There  were  14 people who worked  together just to finish it within a night. Thanks to the team for the effort. Curing for more than a week we can start to install the M2 Panel. The challenge is there but we know we can do it.



If you want us to build your house/building never hesitate to contact Engr. Jess now at 0995-657-5523. For more info you may like our FB  page @JTValeroConstructionandServices

JTValero Renovation Works: Skin Magical Outlet

My good friends and previous office mates,  Aileen and Leslie have just kicked off retail beauty products business. We worked  together to make their  store  presentable to look at a very reasonable price.  We  successfully completed the renovation  within  10 days. We executed painting, electrical works and  a customized shelf.  JTValero team was grateful   because we have become a part in starting  the business of our client.

Contact us now, if you want to start a business and you need a contractor to renovate  your  offices  or you want to build a house/apartment.  The JTValero team will be very  grateful  to work with you in our best capacity. Please refer to the  image below for our services.


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If  you are searching  for a general contractor within  Mandaue City, Cebu City, Consolacion, Liloan and Compostela we can work together to build your house. Either you want to live , rent or  sell it,  we can assist you. If you chose us, you ‘ve already found a right partner because  we have a lot of services to offer:

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