JTValero House Project – Demolition Stage


My team had been executing  several  fit out works in various commercial establishments since third  quarter last year,  but just recently  we are  working  out the other side of the coin- demolition.  In this project,  we are carrying out  to construct   a  2-storey residential house  from a single – storey  house.

I’ll gonna be posting  updates  about this project for you to be able to see our progress and how my team  showed  their utmost dedication and perseverance to meet  our client’s objective and goals.

The project is located  in  Consolacion, Cebu  with a lot area  of  70 sq.m and a floor area around 150 sq.m.

These are the steps on how we executed the demolition stage:

  1. Ceiling – using “bara de kabra” we removed the ceiling.IMG_20180510_120330
  2. Electrical Wiring – while removing the wall and ceiling, we carefully carried it out   to make sure that the   electrical wiring  would be untouched. The panel board  was turned off for safety.
  3. Removal of the Roof – after  we dismantled the ceiling, we removed the roof around 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon to avoid the heat of the sun.  IMG_20180510_172847
  4. Trusses – after removing the roof we removed the wooden trusses and then we noticed that there are a lot of wood already eaten by termites or “anay”.
  5. Wall/partition – since the owner wants  the ground floor for living and  dining rooms only  we demolished the wall using the “maso”. The comfort room  will be renovated also for bigger space.

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