12 Steps of Processing VECO kWH Meter

Client: “May I know what is the procedure on how to have a kWH meter in our house?”. I went to VECO and they told  to me that I need an accredited electrician to do the process.

This is a common question I receive almost every other day  from my  phone   or in  our facebook page.

These  are the steps  to answer  the procedure to process VECO kWH.

Step 1:  Go to VECO office in  “One Pavilion Mall, Banawa or J Center Mall in AS Fortuna Mandaue” and ask  for  the requirements to apply.

Step 2: Specify the  type of meter you will apply “Temporary” or “Permanent”.

What is temporary meter? Temporary meter is only use for  newly constructed house for lighting ad and outlet only.  You cannot connect any power tools  because VECO will put a very sensitive 30A fuse in the meter.  If you still connect  power tools then the fuse of the meter will be cut and then you don’t have any electricity. You will go to VECO and pay an amount maybe around Php250 or Php300 to replace the fuse. If you do it again for the 2nd time the amount you will pay to VECO will increase maybe  twice  from the previous amount. For 3rd time and so on so forth its up to VECO on what to do for you. Take note also that Temporary meter is only for 6 months you need to inform VECO after 6 months.

If you really plan to use a powertools or welding machine better ask to VECO what are the necessary steps.

What is a Permanent meter? Permanent meter is for permanent meter installation of the house and you can now use any powertools or welding machines.

Step 3: Go to OBO (Office of the Building Official) located in your City / Municipality

You must go to OBO in your municipality or City and get a list of requirements on how to get an Electrical Permit with Endorsement letter to VECO. You must indicate that you need  to get an  Endorsement Letter because some municipality will not issue an Endorsement Letter unless you ask them. It would be  helpful also that   you know the names who accommodated   you in the OBO office for  easy  follow up.

Step 4: Comply OBO requirements:

One of the requirements in OBO is the Electrical Plan Drawing.

Step 5: Electrical Plan Drawing

Now if  the area of your house is 15 sq.m then the materials  are not concrete  or out of light materials(  Nipa Hut for example)   then an Electrical  Plan Drawing is not necessary. But if more than 15sq.m and then your house is made of concrete and  wood materials and have an estimated 8kW and above. Then you really need an Electrical Plan Drawing for your house.

If you don’t have any friends or kaila who knows how to prepare an Electrical Plan you may contact us (JTValero Electrical Services) we would happy to help you.

Step 6: Submit the Requirements to OBO:

So now you have the requirements and submit it to OBO and then you will receive an “Electrical Permit with Endorsement Letter”

Step 7: Find an Accredited VECO Electrician

Once you find an Accredited Electrician  give the necessary documents  and  he will be the one to submit it to VECO.

If you don’t know anyone or kaila you may contact us (JTValero Electrical Services) we would happy to help you.

Step 8: Metering Set up with meter base

The Accredited Electrician will do the metering set up as per VECO Standard.

Step 9: VECO Inspection

The Accredited electrician will  notify VECO  that the set had been put up  and wait for the  inspection schedule . Make sure that when the inspector comes,  somebody  or the owner must be around in the house to answer the questions of the  inspector.

Step 10: Bill Deposit

If there is no Comment from the inspector about the set up, the client will go to VECO Office to pay a Bill Deposit. The  amount that you will pay depends on VECO evaluation. Just to give you an idea, it starts  from Php500 and above.

Step 11: Installation of kWH meter

Now VECO staff will do the installation of the kWH meter.

Wait and  hands off  with the installed KWH meter

After the installation of the kWh don’t do anything on the set up. Again , don’t do anything to change the set up as per VECO metering standard. If you do anything there is a chance that the kWH meter installed will be removed.

Step 12: VECO Final Inspection

VECO staff will do a final inspection.

That’s all. Now you can use all appliances you bought and lights up all the lights.

Enjoy your Home! Enjoy the Lights

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