JTValero Project: Ceiling Upgrade in Pan De Manila

Have you heard about Pan De Manila? Have you tried the delicious bread  they have been selling? Well, same as you  when my stomach starts growling, the Php 18.00 pesos in my wallet is enough to  satisfy my  hunger   for  3 to 4 hours. I think they  are using a branded  flour.

Above all, you can get to buy  bread anytime you  want. Their friendly clerks make you feel at home whenever  I  go there to buy.

Pan de  Manila is one of the emerging  bakeshops chain here in Cebu.They have been our clientele for more than two years now. Our  series of projects   got off the ground  when  my skilled team carried out our painting services in their branch in SM City Cebu.

Last year 2017 we already completed  Painting and Electrical Works in SM City Cebu in Pan De Manila. Presently,  we  have ongoing  upgrade in Pan de Manila IT Park for Ceiling, Tiles, Plumbing and Painting Works.


As we can see in the images  above we already have completed  an  upgrade of the Ceiling and it only cost   less than Php20,000 pesos for the whole Production Area.

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Ceiling Upgrade

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JTValero Notes: The Importance of Electrical Plan


Materials for electrical works are  expensive as well as the labor fee that is why  drafting an electrical  plan is a fundamental aspect in any renovation or major  constructions.

At first we must know what is an electrical plan drawing, it is a type of technical drawing that shows information about power, lighting, and communication for an engineering or architectural project. Any electrical working drawing consists of “lines, symbols, dimensions, and notations to accurately convey an engineering’s design to the workers, who install the electrical system on the job”.

I  have been drafting an electrical plan  during my college days.When I kicked my skill off  and ventured  the business world  4 years ago,  I collaborated  with the architects, civil engineers and  directly with clients.

Realistically,  only  few people understand that  the most important documents in designing a building is the design and structure. This is basically the reason why I scarcely get clients  for this service in my  business. Most the clients I get are engineers and free lance  architects.

Processing a building permit in Office of the Building Official (OBO) in  the local City/Municipality  requires an Electrical Plan  to get a building permit.  So in order to understand the importance of Electrical Plan I gather some list that would  hopefully help you and  utilize the documents  that you’d paid for.

  1. Requirements for OBO – this is one of the requirements from OBO in order to get a building permit. Printed in blue print, signed and sealed so if you start to process you need to get a form from OBO because there is a form need to filled up.
  2. Requirements for Utility Company – All Utility Company need this either (VECO, CEBECO) so you need to submit when you are applying for an Electric Meter yes of course there is an exception for this if your load is below 8kW.
  3. Guide for the Electrician – To minimize the back job, electrician will always refer to Electrical Plan and an easy work for them. In my practice I will visit the site and discuss with the electrician so that he can fully understand before the Electrical works started.
  4. Location of Electrical Device and Lighting –To know which part of the house/building of Lighting fixture, Switches, Outlet, Communication is located.
  5. Quantity of Electrical Device and Lighting – To know quantity on how many lights, switches and outlet you want to install. Here we will know if it is too many we can delete in the drawing it is too small we can add. The point is at least in the plan drawing we already know. So in that case you will notice you are now saving your money.
  6. Schedule of Load – Here we will know what size of Wire we need to buy, and what type of Breaker Ampere rating suitable.
  7. One Line Diagram – We will know the wiring and connection diagram to minimize the back job especially when the work is already started.
  8. Budget – After the Electrical Plan Drawing we can now count how many Electrical device and lighting fixtures need to buy so in that case we will know how much our budget is.
  9. Checked by the Professional Electrical Engineer (PEE) – To assure that the planning is good and follow the Standard here in Philippines, the PEE will do the Signed and Sealed.
  10. Use as a reference for Future Expansion – Now you already have your own house/building and after 3 years you will some expansion just look at the electrical plan so that the electrical contractor will know and to minimize some guessing item.

People who  hardly believe the importance of electrical plan, do not seem to understand the value of it and the advantage it  could  impart  to their architectural job.

Above all, with the points   I have stated,  its  advantage of the clients  in acquiring an electrical plan.  It is not only about compliance but most importantly,   the assurance of  safety and non recurrence of “back job”   are prevented  due to acquiring a thorough electrical plan design.


Electrical Plan Drawing

So if you want a licensed  and experienced  Electrical Designer to build your house or any type of buildings never hesitate to contact Engr. Jess. He loves  to help you to make sure you will stay safe together with your families in  the  properties that you’ve dream of.

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JTValero Notes: Choosing Affordable Quality Tiles

IMG_20171103_172346Nowadays,  there are a lot of tiles that  are sold in  hardware. It is really obvious that there are cheap tiles to  choose from  but before you buy,   consider the following advises  so that you can save a money in purchasing.

  1. Do Some Planning – Draw the Area (Length and Width) of the floor and add some dimension in centimeter (cm). If you want with different color of tiles then show it in the drawing.
  2. Choosing Tiles Dimension – There are various sizes of Tiles but the following sizes are the common used. Choose the tiles depends on your taste and budget.          30×30 worth Php30 to Php40 = Still available but not commonly used now a days in short old school.                                                                                                                           40×40 worth Php40 to Php60 = Still available but not commonly used.                 60×60 worth Php120 to Php280 = This is the most common dimension of tiles use now a days.
  3. Quantity of Tiles – To know the quantity of Tiles you will purchase. Get the Area of the floor and divide it by the area of Tiles.                                                                        Ex. Quantity of Tiles = Area of Floor / Area of Tiles                                                         Floor Length = 500cm, Floor Width = 400cm                                                                   Area of Floor = (500 x 400) = 200,000                                                                               Length of Tiles = 60cm, Width of Tiles = 60cm                                                                  Area of Tiles = (60 x 60) = 3,600                                                                                            Quantity of Tiles = 500,000 / 3,600 = 55 pcs
  4. Choosing the Type of Tiles – You need to touch the surface of tiles in your selected color and design and then choose Either Ceramic or Porcelain. Ceramic is cheaper than Porcelain. Ceramic is prone to cracking in cold weather compare to Porcelain. Both can be used Indoor. Only Porcelain is best use outdoor.

What is the difference between ceramic  and porcelain tiles?Which is better?

Answer.  In general, porcelain tile is harder than ceramic and offers greater design flexibility. Although both are made from clay and other naturally occurring materials fired in a kiln, the clay used to make porcelain tile is more refined and purified.

5.  Know your Budget – There are a lot of Tiles to choose from Mariwasa, EuroTiles, China brand and many more. Check the price to fit your budget.

6. Purchasing the Tiles – You can purchase in your nearest hardware but for us we usually purchase in Tile Depot, Cebu Home Builders, Citi Hardware and Worldwide Tile Depot because they have the latest design of tiles include delivery just ask the attendant.

Bonus Tips: If you really have a small budget you can also buy a broken tiles (usually used in a garage, storage area or dirty kitchen) just visit Cebu Home Builders and Citi Hardware and ask for the attendant.

7. Contact the Contractor – contact JTValero if you need some tiles installation renovation works.


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Which is the best investment?Buying a new house or starting the make over.

Let me tell you my story. . .

Ten years ago, I bought our first   2-storey , 60 square-meter rowhouse in Cebu City . I paid the equity and after a couple of years,    the house was  fully furnished and eventually turned over to us.


My wife and I had both decided not to live there because it is too far from  our pharmacy business. So in order us to pay the monthly amortization  in the  bank,  we decided to have it rented out. I  started to do almost all sorts of marketing strategies. I posted tarpaulins, signages  in the corner of the streets and even posted  online. Few days later there were a lot of inquiries…but they were just inquires.Nobody dared to visit nor committed to rent the house especially when they found  the monthly rental fee. The monthly rental fee that I posted was Php 10,000.00. I thought then,  that  it was a bit expensive not to mention the fact that the location was  kind far from the metropolis.

Until my wife and I decided to renovate our house and set a budget of Php 20,000- Php 30,000. We even put dining table and few appliances.


After the renovation I marketed again. I even lowered down the  rental fee.

Hooray,  after 2 days we already found a  tenant  and she has been  renting our house until   today.

If you are the owner of the house and you want your place to be rented out here are my tips.

  1. Looks like New – Do some repair of Walls, Ceiling and Roof if necessary the renter wants to live in a house like new.
  2. Repaint – Never underestimate the painting works you need to repaint the inside if you still have a budget include the outside.
  3. Safety – renter always want to live their family in a safe place. So you need to check the electrical and plumbing.
  4. Comfort Room – This is so important you need to make sure the CR presentable as much as possible and make sure there is no clogging.
  5. Make it Clean – Do some cleaning make sure that all rooms and outside of the house must be clean it is a must.

Either you want it rented in a cheap price or expensive price the above tips are so important so that you can have tenant as soon as possible.

So base on my experience renovating a house/business establishment is  the best  investment.

How about yours?

If you need someone to talk to or you need an renovation contractor to do in your next project, you can leave us a message or contact us  at 0925-471-4612 Suncellular, 0995-657-5523 Globe

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7 Tips in Choosing Quality Outlet and Switches

Going  to hardware or  electrical stores  to buy  outlet and switches  causes confusion on  what  might be the best  one on them. So,  how would  you be able to  know if the outlet/switches that you are about to  buy are in good condition?

Here are the tips:

Electrical Outlet

  1. Type of Installation – choose between Surface type or Recessed Type.
  2. Ampere Rating –  usually it is 10A, the voltage are usually 220V~230V.
  3. Plug and Socket Type – Look for an outlet that is a universal with ground. In that case even if you will have a round male plug or flat male plug you can still use that outlet. Either 1 gang or 2 gang or 3 gang it depends on your choice.
  4. Try and Test It – Get a male plug and insert in an outlet and then you remove then repeat it 3 to 5 times. If the outlet are still tight despite of 3 to 5 times plug in then that’s a good outlet.


  1. Type of Installation – choose between Surface type or Recessed Type.switch
  2. Switch it on and off. If it is still tight then that is a good switch.
  3. Try to connect the switch in a bulb then if you turn on the switch then the bulb will automatically light up with no seconds of delay then that is a good switch.

Bonus: For most of my projects,   I used National/Panasonic brands. It is  a bit more expensive compared  to the other brands. The good  thing is that, you can use it more than 10 years with no replacement unless  damaged by unexpected circumstances.

If you have some questions or you want us to provide  you our services  for  your house/building projects never hesitate to contact us.

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