JTValero Notes: 5 Tips On How To Inspect Your Electrical Works


Renovating  and re –wiring  a house   more often require  thorough   evaluation. Hiring an electrical engineer  adds  cost to your budget  than  an ordinary  electrician. These  tips  are  for  your own advantage   before   you execute the   plan of     restoration. These may also help you  on evaluating the work  of an  electrician.

  1. Check the Wiring – For a house with minimal a floor area,  you need to identify what type of wire to use.Cases like this, you need to  coordinate  your hired electrician.  If it is for lighting use  consider 2.0sq.mm (#14 THHN Stranded Wire),  For Outlet use 3.5sq.mm (#12 THHN Stranded Wire), For 1 hp and 2 hp Aircon use 5.5sq.mm (#10 THHN Stranded Wire).
  2. Check the Breaker – For  a House less than 80sq.m floor area the Ampere Main breaker  to be used is either 40A or 60A. For Outlet and Aircon,  use 30A Breaker, for Lighting use 20A Breaker
  3. Check the Insulation – Now that you already have the wire make sure that the electrician who would do the wiring  must  use a PVC pipe (Orange) or flexible hose. If you wanted  to  expose the wires make sure to run it with PVC Moulding (White).
  4. Check the Outlet – Make sure it is  for  universal  use and with ground so that in any type of plug you can use it.
  5. Check the Switch – Make sure the switch you bought is embeded or exposed…because they have difeerence  for wood and concrete.

So if you have a house with an area of 100sq.m or above  and you think you need a licensed electrical engineer to check  and inspect  it  while the construction is on-going ,you can contact Engr. Jess at 0995-657-5523.

Never underestimate the electrical works because  it is really   the fundamental aspect in construction.

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Why I Name My Business JTValero?


In opening a business the first thing that comes to your mind is, ” How shall I name it? “. Perhaps, the first choice that you could possibly generate is naming after your name.You wanted to be known and eventually gain popularity in your business venture through it .

I had encountered lots of difficulties when I was still thinking and gathering ideas about my business name. I even tried to browse numerous websites regarding generating business names ideas but had not decided which to select.

As I was driving my way to Department of Trade and Industry to register my business, I then realized that I should just have to make it simple and easy to remember….Something that should run in my bloodstream just like my genes.

I have then decided that it should be my ( drum roll …. ) last name.

And I began thinking about my Mom. Her popularity of being a high school teacher.

The Ma’am Valero. Her brand as a teacher that opened out in my own business venture. When people passed by in my shop they would wonder if Ma’am Valero is still teaching. There was even one time when a certain man approached me about my Mom after seeing the car signage bearing my business name and even messages in my Facebook page, some of them were my mom’s students. I even gained clients who used to be mom’s students.

mama mila

My mother who had already established popularity in Sogod and Borbon Cebu of being teacher made a mark even in my business. The name JTValero Electrical Services which is basically came after my own family name must be known and formidable not only in north of Cebu but also within the city as an electrical contractor.

This business name had given me peace, courage and endurance in all the struggles plus having my mom as my inspiration. That’s really big plus…

Allow me then to give you simple hints of generating business name ideas with credits to Yanik Silver.

1. The name needs to sound good when it’s said aloud. Make sure it easy to utter

2. Use a name that has meaning to it and conveys a benefit. If you heard it you’d know right away what it is.

3. Avoid Web 2.0-ish syndrome. Simply make correct spelling. Please avoid “u” in using “you”

5. Use specifics. Don’t use a generic name that doesn’t mean anything. I like names that take advantage of details such as numbers and days.

7. Test it out on Google AdWords. One of the great features of the “find keywords” tool on AdWords is that it will list similar search phrases, along with how many global and local monthly searches each are getting.

That’s it…!

I hope I can help you in finding your business name and somehow you already know the sentimental value of my business name ( tissue please….)

So if you want to know more about us you can like our fb page JTValero Electrical Services and follow our blog http://www.wordpress.com/jtvaleroelectrical.wordpress.com

Above all, since sooner you’ll gonna be kicking off your own business and for sure you’ll be needing renovation works please don’t hesitate to contact Engr. Jess at 0995-657-5523, http://www.jtvaleroelectrical@gmail.com.

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JTValero Notes: 7 Tips in Finding a Good Renovation Contractor

Are you engaged  in a business and you have plan to do some fit out/expansion?

Are you planning to start your own business you have been dreaming  of. In order to make your establishment presentable,  what you need is to find a good and reputable contractor. That’s why you do some research in google, contact your friends  if they know some contractor  who could assist you.28059497_1583521198363145_1910698578837909789_n

So how would you know that if the contractor you’ve trusted   is good and reputable?

I gathered  some list and maybe this can help you. Not in a particular order but at least you have some idea before the renovation works  would start.

  1. Find at least 3 contractors – The purpose of this is to compare the price.
  2. Background Check – check their website, facebook page and other social media if any, office/shop location and other important information. How many years they are doing the business  (at least 3 years in that case the experience is broad already).  You can also try to call them and ask questions.
  3. Permit and licenses –  it is  a must you need to ask a permit and licenses  for your protection.
  4. Contact their previous clients – it might be difficult,  but it is necessary that you can  contact their previous client, talk to them and ask common questions.
  5. Site visit – Set a schedule and invite the contractor to visit the site and discuss about the scope of work.
  6. Quotation – You need to be careful for lower bid, if you know the history of that company, that’s fine but if you  cannot find any information of their history I  cannot guarantee that they  can finish the project. If the project is too  costly  maybe you do some negotiation.
  7. Ask Current projects – you need to ask how many current projects and employees they have  and then ask if your project will be  a priority. But when you believe they have a lot of project but they have only few employees? Oops I am doubtful if they can finish the job on time.electrical poster

Please do not think that  the points I have presented were favorable  to  my  own advantage. A part of it, perhaps because  I am  engaged in contracting  business, however, it   all depends on how you accept it.

Whether you will become our next client or not the important thing is how happy we are that you are started your own business to improve your life and your family.

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Blog: jtvaleroelectrical.wordpress.com

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Electrical Design in San Carlos City pioneered the projects of JTValero

Don’t wish. Decide.

I’ve always wanted to work in a design company. During my college days,  being  one of those men wearing suits, drafting and designing  in a cozy office   was something   I had dreamed  of. Creating  how the wiring  is going, visualizing and drafting the intricate design of  a certain architectural  works   carry out a some kind of  peace in my sanity.

So when I ventured my own electrical contracting business, the things I had  been dreaming about has come to reality. The substantial  knowledge I had learned  from my various experiences    has been put into practice. When a good friend  approached me and asked me to collaborate with him in a certain construction project in Negros Occidental, was the time when I told myself, “This is the start of everything”.  My skill in drafting an electrical work unfolded  when I kicked it off  in drafting a 11-Door Guest House in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental.

I wasn’t wishing anymore. I ‘ve decided. Until now since I  started this business I have completed more than 20  designs for my clients both residential and commercial and I am still keep on counting…

Scarlet Guest House

Just like any other businesses,  I am also facing a lot of hardships,  however,  there is no room for giving up…It’s never an option.


To know more about us you can visit the following site.

Fb page: JTValero Electrical Services

Email: jtvaleroelectrical@gmail.com

Contact No: Engr. Jess 0995-657-5523

Office/Location: Bag ong Daan St. Yati Liloan Cebu (beside St. Marys Subd), Inform us before you visit so that we can guide you.

Blog: jtvaleroelectrical.wordpress.com

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