Whether you are a Residential owner and business establishment owner, general contractor, company owner, senior citizen, professional as long there is light in your home/ business establishment JTValero Electrical Services is your best choice for choosing to do any electrical job.

Job – no small or big job in this business. Thus we provide our best to deliver an outstanding performance in every job we had.

Trust – we cannot assure to trust us. But we offer Free Estimate to our clients, two option to choose of (labor only or labor and materials), before starting the work there is always a detail drawing design, before starting the work we submit to client all the important documents to show them, before starting the work agreement/ contract with client to show them and let them have a signature, after the work we need the client to signature for project completion document, contractor performance report to be filled up by the client. All of this shall be done so that we will let know that client will trust us.

Value – we value customer’s time and money. We understand the feeling of our client that every time there is an renovation or work to do it really a cost of time and money. But here in our company we value every amount of peso of our client and we guarantee that there is no waste of time.

Assurance – we assure to our client that we can give a quality output and completed in a specific time and date. All our job have 1 month warranty.

Loyal – whether it is our existing or new client we are loyal to all our customers.

Efficient – performing or functioning in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort; having and using requisite knowledge, skill, and industry; competent; capable of the specific job.

Reliable – client can rely us anytime base on our expertise and achievement.

Open minded – open to accept any suggestions/comments from our clients as well us we are open to give our ideas based on our knowledge and experience.