Advantages of Grills Simple Design by JTValero

Currently, the JTValero team is occupied in constructing a 2-storey house.   As part of  of our objective   to meet  the client’s goals, the  veranda  is also installed to enhance the facade of the house. Seeing our client and his family  living comfortably and safe to their new home is our business.

There are a lot of designs and   types of materials  that can be used in installing grills. Nowadays,  simple design is more effective compared to the complicated ones. I got this ideas from my previous client who preferred using simple design. Indeed, based on my own experience its worth it.

Here are the  reasons why using simple design is  more effective:

  1. Price is Cheap – Yes, of course in welding works simple design is cheap.
  2. Can be finished earlier – Exactly, because the worker can execute the job with convenience.
  3. Easy to clean – Definitely. Due to the simplicity of the design, cleaning is as easy shooting a  fish in a barrel.
  4. Good for the eyes –  relaxing to look at.
  5. Easy to Repaint – In the future if you need to repaint  it then you can do it by yourself because it simple.

If you want us to build a house or you want us to install  grills, contact us now at 0995-657-5523 and talk with Engr. Jess. or you may send an email at You can also like our FB page at JTValeroConstructionandServices.

We can do together to make your family safe and comfortable living.