Timer Switch: Timer for lighting

Are you engaged in business?A lighted signage is the fundamental tool to advertise. Perhaps you want a security in your house in a convenient manner.
I will share a small device so that you can save on your electric bill. Trust me.
It works.

For people engage into business a lighted signage is the most important tool. Any grocery store, warehouse, office have been using it.But the lighted signage does not have to be turned on for 12 hours or more. Most often having a lighted signage that is turned on for such long time like overnight result huge amount of electric bill.
This small device called Timer Switch can help any business establishments to decrease the electric bill. Using it can save the electric bill by consuming it only when required at a specific time.

For residential houses or condominioms using a Timer Switch is very beneficial. If the owner is not around, he/she does not have to turn on the light 24hours a day. The owner just have to switch the light in a pattern that gives the impression that the premises are attended. Using such device not only decreases the electricity bill but also give a relevant home security.

Timer Switch cost for only Php300 up to Php500 just visit any #AceHardware and ask for lighting timer. Or else contact us we can sell it to you.
If you need some assistance for the installation the #JTValeroElectricalServices can assist and help you.

Images below are the store wherein we’ve installed a timer for the signage.

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