Frame Portable Sidewalk Sign

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💡 Available in 2 diffferent sizes: W:2 ft H:3ft and W: 2 ft H: 3ft and 2 inches
💡Ideal for ” no parking/ no stopping sign” or advertising and indicating the availability of your new products for those in retail business
💡Price: Php 1,800 without tarp and Php 2,000.00 with tarp

PM for further details…🙂

Panaflex Signage Maker in Cebu

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Installation of Signage located in Lapu Lapu City. Thanks to #SkinDoctors for trusting #JMARTrading and #JTValeroElectrical.
Are you a store owner or company agent that need signage installation.
Never hesitate to contact Jess at #09460220740, (032) 354 6212 or Joseph (JMAR Trading) at 0917 318 8824 and to view our previous projects visit and like our fb page @JTValeroElectricalServices

A Step from Zero to One belongs to God

_A3 Size_Overall ServicesWhen I started the JTValero Electrical Services no one told me on how to do it. I just took the first step, seriously. I hustled because I observed that there were a lot of clients that need a trusted electrical contractor.
I spotted the demand.
I took the opportunity.
Do you know what’s the first step?
I trusted God while believing in myself.I trusted my capability. My family and relatives supported me and the rest is history.
Three years has passed my business is still providing its services. Three more years and counting.Now, I am still learning, I need to dig in order to know the right facts not only for myself but primarily for my clients.

Replacement of signage located in Lapu-lapu City.

Are you a store owners or company agents that need signage installation, repair, replacement of lights, advertising, panaflex printing, design etc.? We are willing to provide you all the necessary services. Contact us now.
For your inquries, contact Jess at #09460220740, (032) 354 6212 or Joseph (JMAR Trading) at 0917 318 8824 and to view our previous project visit and like our fb page @JTValeroElectricalServices