How my team perform electrical commercial insulation resistance Megger Test?


The JTValero Electrical Services   adhere  to the standards and specifications  of the  governing  electrical engineering organizations and agencies  when performing  electrical  commercial insulation  resistance  Megger Testing. We use the  industry’s  leading  Electrical Insulation  Megger Testing Service Equipment  that is available  on the market.

The JTValeroTeam  execute  these  two  techniques:

  • visual and physical inspection of the air compressor
  • insulation testing

Currently, we are working  with AV Marine Engineering  in their  air compressor in compliance with their  renewal for International  Organization for Standardization (ISO)requirements.

If you are   engaged in processing  your ISO Requirements this year and you need  certification  of  your electrical   equipment,  just   contact us.

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JTValero Notes: 5 Tips On How To Inspect Your Electrical Works


Renovating  and re –wiring  a house   more often require  thorough   evaluation. Hiring an electrical engineer  adds  cost to your budget  than  an ordinary  electrician. These  tips  are  for  your own advantage   before   you execute the   plan of     restoration. These may also help you  on evaluating the work  of an  electrician.

  1. Check the Wiring – For a house with minimal a floor area,  you need to identify what type of wire to use.Cases like this, you need to  coordinate  your hired electrician.  If it is for lighting use  consider (#14 THHN Stranded Wire),  For Outlet use (#12 THHN Stranded Wire), For 1 hp and 2 hp Aircon use (#10 THHN Stranded Wire).
  2. Check the Breaker – For  a House less than 80sq.m floor area the Ampere Main breaker  to be used is either 40A or 60A. For Outlet and Aircon,  use 30A Breaker, for Lighting use 20A Breaker
  3. Check the Insulation – Now that you already have the wire make sure that the electrician who would do the wiring  must  use a PVC pipe (Orange) or flexible hose. If you wanted  to  expose the wires make sure to run it with PVC Moulding (White).
  4. Check the Outlet – Make sure it is  for  universal  use and with ground so that in any type of plug you can use it.
  5. Check the Switch – Make sure the switch you bought is embeded or exposed…because they have difeerence  for wood and concrete.

So if you have a house with an area of 100sq.m or above  and you think you need a licensed electrical engineer to check  and inspect  it  while the construction is on-going ,you can contact Engr. Jess at 0995-657-5523.

Never underestimate the electrical works because  it is really   the fundamental aspect in construction.

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