The Big Contribution of Electrical Plan in PEZA Accreditation

A site visit in one of the largest coconut oil mills in Philippines.
Our inspection report is part of their compliance for the renewal of PEZA Accreditation. We conducted a site survey to finalize the Electrical and Electronics Drawing in reference to the comments of PEZA Auditors. If you have a company and you want us to work with you in your corrective actions after audit from various government agencies never hesitate to contact Engr. Jess at 0995-657-5523 or email us at

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JTValero Notes: 7 Tips in Finding a Good Renovation Contractor

Are you engaged  in a business and you have plan to do some fit out/expansion?

Are you planning to start your own business you have been dreaming  of. In order to make your establishment presentable,  what you need is to find a good and reputable contractor. That’s why you do some research in google, contact your friends  if they know some contractor  who could assist you.28059497_1583521198363145_1910698578837909789_n

So how would you know that if the contractor you’ve trusted   is good and reputable?

I gathered  some list and maybe this can help you. Not in a particular order but at least you have some idea before the renovation works  would start.

  1. Find at least 3 contractors – The purpose of this is to compare the price.
  2. Background Check – check their website, facebook page and other social media if any, office/shop location and other important information. How many years they are doing the business  (at least 3 years in that case the experience is broad already).  You can also try to call them and ask questions.
  3. Permit and licenses –  it is  a must you need to ask a permit and licenses  for your protection.
  4. Contact their previous clients – it might be difficult,  but it is necessary that you can  contact their previous client, talk to them and ask common questions.
  5. Site visit – Set a schedule and invite the contractor to visit the site and discuss about the scope of work.
  6. Quotation – You need to be careful for lower bid, if you know the history of that company, that’s fine but if you  cannot find any information of their history I  cannot guarantee that they  can finish the project. If the project is too  costly  maybe you do some negotiation.
  7. Ask Current projects – you need to ask how many current projects and employees they have  and then ask if your project will be  a priority. But when you believe they have a lot of project but they have only few employees? Oops I am doubtful if they can finish the job on time.electrical poster

Please do not think that  the points I have presented were favorable  to  my  own advantage. A part of it, perhaps because  I am  engaged in contracting  business, however, it   all depends on how you accept it.

Whether you will become our next client or not the important thing is how happy we are that you are started your own business to improve your life and your family.

To know more about us you can visit the following site.

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