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The Big Contribution of Electrical Plan in PEZA Accreditation

A site visit in one of the largest coconut oil mills in Philippines.
Our inspection report is part of their compliance for the renewal of PEZA Accreditation. We conducted a site survey to finalize the Electrical and Electronics Drawing in reference to the comments of PEZA Auditors. If you have a company and you want us to work with you in your corrective actions after audit from various government agencies never hesitate to contact Engr. Jess at 0995-657-5523 or email us at

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Choose JTValero As Your General Contractor

If  you are searching  for a general contractor within  Mandaue City, Cebu City, Consolacion, Liloan and Compostela we can work together to build your house. Either you want to live , rent or  sell it,  we can assist you. If you chose us, you ‘ve already found a right partner because  we have a lot of services to offer:

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And then these are our clients of whom we successfully offered our services:


And then of course  we  make sure that  your money is in safe hands because we  have all the legal  documents.

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If you  have all the savings and eager to see the reality of your dream house,  call us now.  Engr. Jess  0995-657-5523 is ready to  meet and talk  about your plan. If you need more information like our FB page at JTValeroElectricalServices or JTValero Construction Services.

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Advantages of Grills Simple Design by JTValero

Currently, the JTValero team is occupied in constructing a 2-storey house.   As part of  of our objective   to meet  the client’s goals, the  veranda  is also installed to enhance the facade of the house. Seeing our client and his family  living comfortably and safe to their new home is our business.

There are a lot of designs and   types of materials  that can be used in installing grills. Nowadays,  simple design is more effective compared to the complicated ones. I got this ideas from my previous client who preferred using simple design. Indeed, based on my own experience its worth it.

Here are the  reasons why using simple design is  more effective:

  1. Price is Cheap – Yes, of course in welding works simple design is cheap.
  2. Can be finished earlier – Exactly, because the worker can execute the job with convenience.
  3. Easy to clean – Definitely. Due to the simplicity of the design, cleaning is as easy shooting a  fish in a barrel.
  4. Good for the eyes –  relaxing to look at.
  5. Easy to Repaint – In the future if you need to repaint  it then you can do it by yourself because it simple.

If you want us to build a house or you want us to install  grills, contact us now at 0995-657-5523 and talk with Engr. Jess. or you may send an email at You can also like our FB page at JTValeroConstructionandServices.

We can do together to make your family safe and comfortable living.

Why I Name My Business JTValero?


In opening a business the first thing that comes to your mind is, ” How shall I name it? “. Perhaps, the first choice that you could possibly generate is naming after your name.You wanted to be known and eventually gain popularity in your business venture through it .

I had encountered lots of difficulties when I was still thinking and gathering ideas about my business name. I even tried to browse numerous websites regarding generating business names ideas but had not decided which to select.

As I was driving my way to Department of Trade and Industry to register my business, I then realized that I should just have to make it simple and easy to remember….Something that should run in my bloodstream just like my genes.

I have then decided that it should be my ( drum roll …. ) last name.

And I began thinking about my Mom. Her popularity of being a high school teacher.

The Ma’am Valero. Her brand as a teacher that opened out in my own business venture. When people passed by in my shop they would wonder if Ma’am Valero is still teaching. There was even one time when a certain man approached me about my Mom after seeing the car signage bearing my business name and even messages in my Facebook page, some of them were my mom’s students. I even gained clients who used to be mom’s students.

mama mila

My mother who had already established popularity in Sogod and Borbon Cebu of being teacher made a mark even in my business. The name JTValero Electrical Services which is basically came after my own family name must be known and formidable not only in north of Cebu but also within the city as an electrical contractor.

This business name had given me peace, courage and endurance in all the struggles plus having my mom as my inspiration. That’s really big plus…

Allow me then to give you simple hints of generating business name ideas with credits to Yanik Silver.

1. The name needs to sound good when it’s said aloud. Make sure it easy to utter

2. Use a name that has meaning to it and conveys a benefit. If you heard it you’d know right away what it is.

3. Avoid Web 2.0-ish syndrome. Simply make correct spelling. Please avoid “u” in using “you”

5. Use specifics. Don’t use a generic name that doesn’t mean anything. I like names that take advantage of details such as numbers and days.

7. Test it out on Google AdWords. One of the great features of the “find keywords” tool on AdWords is that it will list similar search phrases, along with how many global and local monthly searches each are getting.

That’s it…!

I hope I can help you in finding your business name and somehow you already know the sentimental value of my business name ( tissue please….)

So if you want to know more about us you can like our fb page JTValero Electrical Services and follow our blog

Above all, since sooner you’ll gonna be kicking off your own business and for sure you’ll be needing renovation works please don’t hesitate to contact Engr. Jess at 0995-657-5523,

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JTValero Notes: Choosing Affordable Quality Tiles

IMG_20171103_172346Nowadays,  there are a lot of tiles that  are sold in  hardware. It is really obvious that there are cheap tiles to  choose from  but before you buy,   consider the following advises  so that you can save a money in purchasing.

  1. Do Some Planning – Draw the Area (Length and Width) of the floor and add some dimension in centimeter (cm). If you want with different color of tiles then show it in the drawing.
  2. Choosing Tiles Dimension – There are various sizes of Tiles but the following sizes are the common used. Choose the tiles depends on your taste and budget.          30×30 worth Php30 to Php40 = Still available but not commonly used now a days in short old school.                                                                                                                           40×40 worth Php40 to Php60 = Still available but not commonly used.                 60×60 worth Php120 to Php280 = This is the most common dimension of tiles use now a days.
  3. Quantity of Tiles – To know the quantity of Tiles you will purchase. Get the Area of the floor and divide it by the area of Tiles.                                                                        Ex. Quantity of Tiles = Area of Floor / Area of Tiles                                                         Floor Length = 500cm, Floor Width = 400cm                                                                   Area of Floor = (500 x 400) = 200,000                                                                               Length of Tiles = 60cm, Width of Tiles = 60cm                                                                  Area of Tiles = (60 x 60) = 3,600                                                                                            Quantity of Tiles = 500,000 / 3,600 = 55 pcs
  4. Choosing the Type of Tiles – You need to touch the surface of tiles in your selected color and design and then choose Either Ceramic or Porcelain. Ceramic is cheaper than Porcelain. Ceramic is prone to cracking in cold weather compare to Porcelain. Both can be used Indoor. Only Porcelain is best use outdoor.

What is the difference between ceramic  and porcelain tiles?Which is better?

Answer.  In general, porcelain tile is harder than ceramic and offers greater design flexibility. Although both are made from clay and other naturally occurring materials fired in a kiln, the clay used to make porcelain tile is more refined and purified.

5.  Know your Budget – There are a lot of Tiles to choose from Mariwasa, EuroTiles, China brand and many more. Check the price to fit your budget.

6. Purchasing the Tiles – You can purchase in your nearest hardware but for us we usually purchase in Tile Depot, Cebu Home Builders, Citi Hardware and Worldwide Tile Depot because they have the latest design of tiles include delivery just ask the attendant.

Bonus Tips: If you really have a small budget you can also buy a broken tiles (usually used in a garage, storage area or dirty kitchen) just visit Cebu Home Builders and Citi Hardware and ask for the attendant.

7. Contact the Contractor – contact JTValero if you need some tiles installation renovation works.


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