The Big Contribution of Electrical Plan in PEZA Accreditation


A site visit in one of the largest coconut oil mills in Philippines.
Our inspection report is part of their compliance for the renewal of PEZA Accreditation. We conducted a site survey to finalize the Electrical and Electronics Drawing in reference to the comments of PEZA Auditors. If you have a company and you want us to work with you in your corrective actions after audit from various government agencies never hesitate to contact Engr. Jess at 0995-657-5523 or email us at

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Handrail Welding Services

A handrail is a rail that is designed to be grasped by the hand so as to provide stability or support. Handrails are commonly used while ascending or descending stairways and escalators in order to prevent injurious falls. There are a lot of designs available, however, cheaper yet presentable designs are preferred by our clients.
If you need contractor to build a handrail, never hesitate to contact Engr. Jess now at 0995 657 5523. He has fully equipped team to meet your standards. #cebucontractor #weldingworks

Roof Repaint Services

Using a metal roofing system is deemed necessary especially for tropical countries like Philippines which most of the time has rapid temperature changes.It is a sensible way to protect our home.However,over a long period of time rust stains become evident causing roof discoloration.Spending money for replacement should never be an option that is why it’s important to make sure your roof gets proper maintenance from a professional roof repair contractor every three years or whenever you first notice a problem.

To help you make sense of the roof stains before they become a bigger problem consider to have it repainted or checked by our team.

If you need some roof repaint contractor in your house/building/warehouse better to contact us we would be happy to serve you. Call/Text Engr. Jess at 0995 657 5523.

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Waterproofing Services

Water proofing is necessary so that the interior of your house from roof to basement would be kept dry and free from water infiltration. If you are renovating or constructing a house with a firewall, waterproofing may help protect the homes/buildings from external moisture.

For your waterproofing contractor never hesitate to contact Engr. Jess now at JTValero 0995 657 5523.

JTValero notes: Fit out contracting in Cebu

As w all know, Cebu is the    second   largest city and the fastest growing  economy in the Philippines nowadays. The  development  of its infrastructures evidently  results   high market  demands among the  fit out  contractors  like ours.  The JTValero team is keeping in the loop   to the  emerging  buildings  and commercial offices    to ensure that  they can be of  service  among the potential clients.

As  a company who  specializes  in fit outs,  the managements aims to  enable offices  to have a more professional  and welcoming look. We  know how to  facilitate  interior installations  in constructions sites as  well as occupied corporate  settings according to client’s need.

So for you  to get the most out of a fit out service, never hesitate to contact  Engr. Jess Valero at 0995-657 5523 or email us at You may also  visit and like our FB  Page at JTValero Electrical Services.

The JTValero Electrical  Services  has been serving  clients from Danao City,  Liloan, Consolacion, Mandaue City and  Lapu-lapu City.