How positivity fuels my business transactions

On going projects are almost over. We are anticipating for another one.We have been praying that a certain client would contact us.Indeed, the heaven has been generous to us.

After a couple of weeks, a certain client called us informing that he’s been looking for a contractor to commence his apartment. I was excited and set a schedule right away. The meeting was at their house. When I arrived, the client was talking with another contractor. I waited for few minutes hoping that I could get the project.

They were finally done.

It’s my time to talk.

I confidently introduced myself and my contracting company.The conversation was remarkable.I was positive that I could get the project. Few days later, I got a copy of the plan and without further ado, I sent it to the client.

Lo and behold, the client confirmed that my team will execute the project. We saw ourselves confidently signing of all the contract, timeline, do’s and don’ts so on and so forth.

It was successfully kicked off.

The JTValero team started the project immediately because we wanted to meet the schedule.


We are battling with the bad weather but it never hampered us to pursue our scheduled target.  Join us here as we update our projects…




If you need a contractor to build your apartment or house? Contact Engr. Jess now at 0995-657-5523 or like our FB page @JTValeroConstructionandServices.



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