13 Ways To Cut Down Electricity Bill

Receiving a monthly bill expenses is annoying especially if it’s an electric bill. Many of us are not keeping track on  the usage of our electricity . Every time  we receive an electric bill on our door  or through e- mail,  we always  expect the high cost. Based on my personal experience as an electrical engineer, I note down some ways to cut down the electric bill . Some are very common but most of the  time ignored. This list can help you  lessen the electric bill and  save money.

  1. Unplug- Make it a habit  to unplug the appliances/equipment when not in use. When  the battery is full  in charging cellphone, unplug it.
  2. Lower  the aircon temperature-  set the temperature  based on the number of persons in the room. Do not use turbo mode as much as possible.
  3. Clean the aircon– clean the aircon monthly and its filter weekly.
  4. Divide the room- If the area of the room is big, divide it so that the room can cool immediately. You can use curtains as a partition.
  5. Ceiling/ Eelctric Fan/Cooling fan– you can use any of these appliances to help the room cool immediately
  6. Open the windows/vents– very simple thing to do is just to open  the window at daytime so that air can enter the room without using an aircon.
  7. Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lighting– using  LED lamp consumes less power and  affordable in the market.
  8. Lighting– Turn off the lights when not in use.
  9. Old appliances– avoid using old appliances. Mostly old appliances cannot function well however, new appliances are  more energy efficient.
  10. Simultaneous operation. Avoid using  refrigerator, aircon, TV, washing machine, computer and other appliances simultaneously. If you are using the computer, better turn off the aircon, instead use an electric fan. If you are using the washing machine  for such a long time better turn off the TV and  do not do your laundry during peak hours. Better do it at daytime.
  11. Christmas Lights– during Christmas time light up your home until midnight only.
  12. Ironing of clothes– ironing of clothes must be done once a week(at least 3 hours).
  13. Solar – Install Solar power

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